Where Is Manage Content And Devices On Kindle Fire? The Ultimate Guide Of Using Kindle

I guess you have the Amazons Alexa devices, kindle app, or Kindle on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

We occasionally change our devices and dispose of the old ones or keep them. Discovery of the number of devices registered to your 

The Amazon account might surprise you. There is no bad thing about having multiple devices on your account. 

However, it’s far better when you constantly check and remove some devices. Regular checkups of devices linked to your amazon account will help you spot that hacker. 

You’ll notice any unauthorized activities or login into your account. Many think that managing content and devices is quite tricky. 

Do not worry; Amazon has created a dedicated page for the various activities. You can add or remove devices, delete eBooks, and transfer eBooks. The article will give a straightforward guide on how to manage your account.  So,

Where Is Manage Content and Devices on Kindle Fire

First, log in to your Amazon account. The great thing is the Amazon account is easy to use. You’re now on the Amazon website. While on the website, click on the arrow situated next to “Accounts & Lists.” 

The “Account & List” is found right next to the search engine icon. After clicking on the arrow, it will bring a dropbox list. The “manage content and devices” is part of the dropbox list. It’s precisely the 11th option on the list. 

Manage Devices

Click on “Manage your content and devices,” another dropbox will be brought under it. If you want to manage your devices, click on “Devices” it will highlight the list of all the devices you have registered over the years. 

There is an option of searching for a specific device. Search for the device from the search field above the registration date column. 

You can further filter the search by devices vs apps. There are several other filter search options. 

Deregistering old devices or that which you do not recognize is relatively easy. Click on three dots situated next to the device you want to remove. Then click on deregister, and you’ll be good to go.  

How To Manage Kindle Content

When you click on “Manage content and devices,” “content” is the first on its dropbox page. Click on “Content” to access your eBooks. 

You’ll access all your owned eBooks. Arranging the books is easy; click the “Sort by” button.  There are various options such as sort by author, title, and acquired data.

The next step will be so easy. If you wish to manage and edit a single item, you click on the action bar. 

A menu consisting of several options will appear. Some options will be: mark it read or unread, delete the title from your device, and many more. 

Managing Multiple EBooks

Managing multiple EBooks is relatively easy. You can choose to delete eBooks, share them to a specific device, mark them as either read or unread, and many more. 

If you wish to do this, click on the select button of each eBook. You can then select one of the many options. 

Sharing EBooks

The Kindle page is excellent and gives one a lot of freedom. You can send the books to your other devices. 

Another great thing is that you can download the books. After downloading, you can send the eBooks to other devices using USB or social apps like WhatsApp. 

Lending EBooks

You can also lend your eBooks to your friends and family. The great thing is that the person you’re lending the eBooks must not necessarily be a kindle owner or user. Click on the title and then on loan this title. 

You’ll be requested to enter the receiving person’s email address. You will loan the book to the other person through email. 

However, the person will be given 14 days with the book. After 14 days, the books will be automatically returned to your account. 

Sharing EBooks with Family

EBook has got the relationship with your family covered. Our family members are certainly the closest humans to us in this world. 

Kindle helps us strengthen this relationship. Sharing EBooks with your family members is so straightforward. 

Firstly you’ll have to create a family library to be able to share your owned content. When you have the library, the process is relatively easy, and the EBooks can be shared with all your family members. 

Click on the button that’s next to the title (the action button) and select “Manage Family Library.” 

From here, I’m confident you can see the list of all your family members. To share the EBooks click on the “add library button.” 

Is A Kindle Device Worth Owning?

We all have different thoughts on owning a kindle. The Kindle can appeal to you in many ways. The most apparent reason, you can able to carry lots of EBooks on the device. 

All the Kindle models come with a storage space of 4GB. This is quite large compared to the size of the EBooks—the eBooks’ space ranges from around 500MB to 3GB. 

To save on space, you can permanently delete books after you are done reading them. However, with 4GB you can carry lots of books in your pocket.

Another advantage of the kindle device is it’s small. It measures 6.4 in length 4.5, in width, and 0.3 in breadth. 

This is quite manageable and can be easily stashed in your back pocket when moving. The new kindle oasis model only weighs 4.6 oz. This is without the cover. 

The Kindle devices do not have the backlights like the phones and tablets. The backlight does have adverse effects on our eyes. 

Looking at the backlight for longer will make it hard for you to sleep at night. The inbuilt LEDs and e-ink lights of Kindle are soft to the eyes. It makes reading so easy both in the day and at night. 

With the various Kindle models, you can access the Kindle store. You can browse through the store, check out books and immediately download them. 

Another favorite feature in most kindle devices is the page-turning buttons. The button is quite helpful. 

Reading through two hundred pages while swiping the pages from side to side is not easy. Your thumb will tire. 

The Cons Of A Kindle Device

Every great thing must have limitations. The Kindle is a technological device and must undoubtedly have its cons. 

However, the Kindle does not have as many limitations. Its actual Kindle has lots of benefits. The available drawbacks cannot dissuade you from buying the classy device. 

There is only one con about Kindle that’s worth mentioning. The Kindle isn’t cheap. If you want one with extra features, you’ll have to part with a reasonable amount.  

However, the base model goes for $80. This is pretty reasonable. This base model does not have 3G and lacks the page turn buttons. The other models are priced from $12o to the high of $ 290. 

The expensive have great features such as an adaptive light sensor, more LEDs, page turn buttons, and many more. Before buying any kindle model, check through its unique features. 

Compare the various components with the outlay of cash. However, this is going to be greatly dependent on your budget and needs. 

Using The Kindle App

The Kindle app is free and easy to use. If you have an android, Mac, iOS, window, and blackberry, you can download it. However, you’ll have to pay for the EBooks you want to read.  

The great thing about the Kindle device is it’s light and small.  The only issues which are also common in other devices are you will charge and carry it to every place.  

Therefore using the app on a device you already own is better. It frees up some space in your bag and saves you some bucks. 

This is more valuable, more so when you are traveling. You won’t have to pay for that extra ounce at the airport.

The interface for the kindle app is quite adorable. It has three different and unique color schemes. These are sepia, night, and day, plus it’s easy to adjust the app’s lighting. 

The kindle device is also great and has got crisper and faster interactions. The app is available for almost all devices out there. 


Amazon kindle is one great app that helps kill boredom. Accessing your content and devices on kindle fire is relatively easy. The article has given details on how to access the page and manage various things.

In addition to the various activities listed in the article, Amazon allows its kindle users to gift books, borrow and return books, and many more. 

To anyone who wants access to quality content, Amazon is the best place for you. You’ll get access to unlimited content at the comfort of your phone, tablet, or tablet. 

Remember, you can register several devices to your amazon account. So you’ll have access to your kindle content from any of your devices without worries.

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