What Time Does Burlington Coat Factory Close? The Ultimate Guide

For shoppers, there’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling that comes from arriving at your favorite store only to find that it has just closed. Burlington Coat Factory, a beloved shopping destination for many, offers a wide array of products, from stylish coats to home goods. While most of us are familiar with the incredible deals and vast selection that this store provides, there remains a cloud of uncertainty around its operational hours for some. “What time does Burlington Coat Factory close?” is a question often whispered among late-night shoppers and busy weekend warriors alike. As life gets more hectic and schedules increasingly unpredictable, having a clear understanding of the store’s hours becomes paramount. In this post, we aim to shed light on Burlington Coat Factory’s closing times, ensuring that you’re never left standing forlornly at its doors again. Whether you’re trying to make a quick run for that last-minute gift or planning a leisurely shopping spree, being equipped with the right information can make all the difference. Let’s dive into the specifics and ensure that your next trip to Burlington Coat Factory is a perfectly timed success.

What time does Burlington Coat Factory Close?

Burlington Coat Factory’s closing hours can vary based on the location and day of the week. Typically, most stores close around 9-10 PM on weekdays and might have slightly different timings for weekends. However, for the most accurate information, I’d recommend checking their official website or contacting your local Burlington store. It’s always a good idea to verify before heading out to ensure you don’t miss your shopping opportunity!

A Brief History Of Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory, now simply known as Burlington, stands as a testament to the American retail dream. Today’s expansive chain of off-price department stores began with humble origins, only to evolve into a household name, catering to millions with its diverse product offerings.

The story of Burlington dates back to 1924 when it was initially established as a wholesaler of women’s coats and junior suits. The original store was located in Burlington, New Jersey, giving the company its recognizable name. However, the inception of what most of us recognize as the Burlington Coat Factory occurred in 1972. Monroe and Henrietta Milstein decided to purchase a former factory outlet in Burlington with the aim of selling coats at wholesale prices. This vision laid the foundation for the Burlington Coat Factory we know today.

The Milsteins, capitalizing on their successful wholesale business, started the venture with a clear vision. They aimed to offer customers high-quality products at significantly reduced prices, a proposition that was almost irresistible to the average consumer. As business boomed, they expanded their product range, including more than just coats. This diversification was a smart business move, ensuring the company could attract customers year-round rather than just in the colder months.

By the early 1980s, Burlington Coat Factory had already made its mark. Its rapid expansion saw the opening of stores across various states. The company’s success was attributed not only to its off-price model but also to its keen understanding of consumer trends and purchasing behaviors. While it started with coats, by the 1980s, Burlington’s stores were offering a wide range of products, from clothing for all ages and genders to linens, home décor, and even baby products.

The 1990s and 2000s brought more evolution for Burlington. With the retail industry seeing massive changes due to globalization and technological advancements, the company made significant moves to stay competitive. They invested heavily in their logistical infrastructure, ensuring they could swiftly move inventory across their growing number of stores. This period also saw an enhancement in the brand’s marketing strategy, shifting from a predominantly coat-focused approach to showcasing its broad spectrum of merchandise.

In 2006, Burlington Coat Factory was acquired by Bain Capital in a move that signaled a new era for the retailer. Under new leadership, the company continued its expansion and also made notable efforts to revamp its store layouts and designs, aiming for a more modern and shopper-friendly environment.

One significant step in the company’s modern history was its decision to rebrand as simply “Burlington” in 2014. This move, while subtle, was an acknowledgment of the company’s vast offerings beyond just coats. It was a nod to its evolution and a promise of its commitment to catering to the diverse needs of its clientele.

Today, Burlington operates over 700 stores across the United States, with its headquarters in Florence, New Jersey. The company, while staying true to its roots of offering quality products at off-price, has incorporated contemporary retail practices. With an active e-commerce presence and a focus on sustainability and community engagement, Burlington is a prime example of how traditional retailers can adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century.

What Are The Best Days To Go To Burlington Coat Factory?

Burlington Coat Factory, with its eclectic mix of clothing, home goods, and more, offers shoppers a delightful blend of quality and affordability. While every day can be a good day to snag a deal at this store, certain days might offer a more pleasurable shopping experience. Whether you’re looking to avoid crowds, get the first pick on new items, or simply make the most of your shopping trip, choosing the right day to visit can make a noticeable difference.

Weekdays – Less Crowd, More Comfort:

If you’re someone who enjoys a quiet shopping experience, weekdays, especially Tuesday through Thursday, are your best bet. Weekends usually see a rush as people off from work flock to the stores. On the contrary, a weekday visit ensures you roam the aisles without bumping into too many fellow shoppers. This means shorter checkout lines, easier access to fitting rooms, and more attentive customer service. Plus, with fewer shoppers around, you’re less likely to face picked-over shelves or missing sizes.

Wednesdays – Fresh Stock Alert:

Many retail insiders often hint that mid-week days, particularly Wednesdays, are when new stock typically arrives in stores. By choosing to shop on a Wednesday at Burlington Coat Factory, you might just get the first pick on new merchandise, ensuring you have the best sizes and selections available. While stock days can vary based on location, it’s always a good idea to check with your local store.

End of Seasons – Best Sale Days:

While not a specific day of the week, the end of a season (like the end of winter or summer) is a prime time to visit Burlington Coat Factory. Retailers often discount the outgoing season’s merchandise to make way for the new. This is an excellent time for bargain hunters to score deals on items that can be saved for the next year. For instance, shopping for winter coats at the beginning of spring might sound odd, but the discounts can be well worth it.

Weekends – For the Social Shoppers:

While weekends are undeniably busier, they might be ideal for the social shoppers among us. Some people thrive on the bustling energy of a packed store, enjoying interactions with fellow shoppers and seeking recommendations from others. Moreover, the weekend vibe can be lively, making shopping feel like an event rather than a chore. If you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of shopping amidst the crowd, Saturdays and Sundays are for you. Just be prepared for longer lines and a bit more chaos.

Special Sale Days:

Burlington Coat Factory, like most retailers, occasionally offers special sales or promotions. Black Friday, holiday sales or anniversary sales can provide deep discounts. If you’re aiming for the best deals, keep an eye on their advertisements and visit during these special sale days. Remember, though, that these days will likely be exceptionally busy, so arm yourself with patience.

Any Day – But Be Early:

No matter which day you choose, being an early bird often pays off. Shopping right after the store opens means a cleaner, more organized environment. It’s easier to navigate, the store is quieter, and you get the undivided attention of the staff.

Why Are Things So Cheap At Burlington?

Burlington, formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory, has built a reputation as a go-to destination for quality goods at remarkably low prices. But how do they manage to offer such bargains? Several factors contribute to Burlington’s ability to provide products at discounted rates.

  • Off-Price Retail Model: Burlington operates on an off-price retail model. This means they don’t stock a regular assortment of items like traditional retailers. Instead, they purchase overstocked or unsold merchandise from other retailers or directly from brands. These items might be from a previous season, or they might be in surplus due to forecasting errors or canceled orders. By capitalizing on this, Burlington can acquire products at a fraction of the original wholesale cost.
  • No Advertisements: Unlike many large-scale retailers, Burlington spends very little on advertising. By forgoing expensive ad campaigns, they save a significant amount of money, which in turn allows them to pass those savings on to the consumer.
  • Bulk Buying: By purchasing in large volumes, Burlington can negotiate better deals with suppliers. The more substantial the order, the lower the per-item cost, allowing Burlington to offer those products at reduced prices in their stores.
  • Limited In-Store Services: Burlington stores typically provide fewer in-store services compared to some higher-end retailers. This means they have lower operating costs, which contributes to their ability to price items more affordably.
  • Rotating Inventory: A constantly changing product lineup encourages regular customer visits to check out new deals. This not only means increased foot traffic but also ensures that items move quickly, reducing the need for even deeper discounts or clearance sales.
  • Simple Store Designs: Burlington stores are designed for functionality rather than luxury. Simple fixtures, layouts, and displays keep overhead costs low, contributing to the overall savings.

Wrapping Up

In the bustling landscape of modern retail, understanding the operational hours of your favorite store, such as Burlington Coat Factory, is crucial. Burlington’s closing times might vary based on location, day of the week, or season, but being informed ensures a seamless shopping experience. No one wants the disappointment of arriving at a store only to find it closed. By staying updated on their hours, whether it’s through their official website, app, or even a quick call to the local branch, you can plan your trips efficiently. Whether you’re a late-night shopper, a weekend enthusiast, or someone trying to beat the crowds, knowledge is power. Ultimately, the goal is to maximize your shopping time, enjoy the vast array of products Burlington has to offer, and never miss an opportunity for those unbeatable deals. So, the next time you think of heading to Burlington, a quick check on their closing time can make your experience all the more delightful. 


Q: Is Burlington an off-price store?

A: Yes, Burlington is an off-price retailer. This means that they sell brand-name and designer merchandise at prices significantly lower than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Burlington achieves these low prices by purchasing overstocked or unsold merchandise from other retailers or directly from brands, often at a discounted rate.

Q: Can I wear jeans to work at Burlington?

A: While Burlington does have a dress code for its employees, the specifics can vary by location and position. In many cases, employees are required to wear business casual attire, which might not include jeans. However, it’s essential to consult the specific store’s management or review the employee handbook for the particular dress code guidelines for the location where you work. Always aim to present a professional appearance when interacting with customers.

Q: Can you shop online at Burlington?

A: As of my last update in January 2022, Burlington had decided to stop its e-commerce operations and focus primarily on its brick-and-mortar stores. This was a strategic move to emphasize their strength in the physical retail space and offer deep discounts to in-store shoppers. However, the retail landscape is ever-evolving, so it’s a good idea to check Burlington’s official website or contact the company directly for the most up-to-date information on their online shopping availability.

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