What Is Hard-wired Internet Connection? The Perfect Internet

The internet has changed our lives in a short time. With the internet, we can maintain connectivity with our friends, family and even do business

The great thing about the internet today is that it’s so available and affordable. You need to ensure that you have the safest, fastest, and best internet at times like this. 

You can have all this today: that fast speed and not harmful electromagnetic frequencies. 

Many internet providers deliver the internet in two ways which are wireless and hard-wired. 

In this article, we will look at what hard-wired internet is and some of its benefits. So let’s get back to the question.

What Is Hard-wired Internet Connection?

It is the opposite of wireless internet. The wireless internet uses the Wi-Fi capabilities of a router. 

The router transmits data from an access point to your device wirelessly. While in hard-wired internet connection, you use the Ethernet cable, modem or Ethernet switch to supply data to your devices.  

The Benefits Of Hardwired Internet Connection

The hard-wired internet connection has several significant benefits. It’s the benefits that make many people choose it over the wireless internet connection. Here are some of the benefits. 

The internet connection through the hard-wire like Ethernet cable or modem allows your devices to access the internet directly. 

This means that the connection will have no delays, unlike the wireless one. Therefore some crucial background app tasks like fetching emails, updates, and many more will without you establishing the connection first. 

The Wi-Fi, a wireless connection, uses EMF radiation to send data from the router to any of your devices. 

The radiation is not suitable for your health and might cause various complications. This makes the hard-wired connection great since it protects your health. 

Other benefits of hard-wired internet connections are its more secure, faster, and consistent. Plus, it does not have EMF radiation. 

The only remarkable thing about the wireless connection is that you can access it from your comfort or anywhere. However, the connection can be so unstable. 

How To Set-Up Hardwired Internet Connection

As mentioned, the hard-wired internet connection is reliable and faster than Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi, indeed, you won’t get top-speed internet, especially when you are far from the router. 

But if you are using the hard-wired connection through Ethernet cables or modem, you will get the exact amount of signal sent by the router. 

However, if the signal is not exact, I can guarantee it will be very close. This is a benefit you can enjoy if you use a wireless connection. 

If you have ever used hard-wired connection, then you can relate to what I’m talking about. The only downside of hard-wired internet connection is it does not offer convenience. 

But its performance and protection from radiation still make it the best choice. So let’s get down to the most crucial part of this section which is setting up the hard-wired internet connection. 

There are many ways through which you can hard-wire your internet connection. But in today’s guide, we are going to look at the most popular one. 

The guide is about hard-wiring using Ethernet cables. Here is the guide on how to hard-wire your internet using Ethernet cables.

1. Turn Off  Your Wi-Fi

Turning off the Wi-Fi is not tricky. It, however, varies according to the model of your router and modem. I guess you know the difference between a modem and a router. 

The router typically connects devices to the internet while the modem connects the router to the internet. Understanding the difference will help you to handle the devices better. 

Today most routers have inbuilt modems. Others choose to have both the modem and router separately. In addition, if you have a modem with a router, technically, you have no internet. 

Therefore there is nothing to switch off. But If you have both or the router has an inbuilt modem, you have Wi-Fi, and you have to switch it off. You should, however, know the model of your router or modem first. 

2. Decide  On The Number Of Ports You Need

This is undoubtedly the fun part of the installation. It’s pretty easy to do if you draw a simple plan of your house or office. 

You have to decide on the rooms that need internet access and how many ports per room. Homes do have several rooms like the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. 

So, ifs it’s in the kitchen will you install it by the kitchen counter or table. It’s decisions that you need to make to know the number of ports that you’ll need. 

You also have to make the same decision on the living room. Here you’ll certainly need to connect your TV to the internet and have several ports near the sofas, chairs, and various parts of the room. 

After doing the same activity in all your rooms, you will need the number of ports. This will help you to budget properly and know the suitable models to purchase. 

3. Figure Out The Type Of Switch You Need

I won’t assume that you know what the switch is.  It’s the device that you connect the Ethernet cables to. So when it comes to choosing the switch, you need to consider various factors. 

This includes the number of ports and the size of the switch. The connection between the switch and the Ethernet cable is not tricky because the switch is a simple device.

Anyone can make the connection. You connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the switch and the other to the outlet. 

The devices will connect to the internet through these outlets. Each device that you wish to connect to the internet will need an Ethernet cable. 

Here is a quick example, if you install to port jack in a room, you will undoubtedly use two Ethernet cables in that particular room. 

When it comes to switching selection, there are several switch models. The most popular switch brand is Netgear. Most of its models have great features and are pretty durable.

4. Set-up Your Base Station

After figuring out everything, like the number of ports and the type of switch, this is the next thing you need to figure out. 

The base station is the place where you will locate your internet switch. The base station is quite important because it’s from here that all wires in your room will run from. 

The base station should be more central for you to run the cables effectively and efficiently. 

5. Run The Ethernet Cables

The Ethernet cable is the component that completes this connection and makes it hard-wired.  As mentioned earlier, the main reason why many homes are shifting to hard-wired internet is that it’s safe. 

With the hard-wired internet connection, the family is protected from EMR radiation. There are various types of Ethernet cables, and quality does matter. 

I vouch for the EMF shielding Ethernet cables. Not all Ethernet cables can protect you from EMF radiations. 

The radiation can leave some Ethernet cables in your room. So go for the high-quality EMF shielding Ethernet cables to be sure of your health safety. 

You can shop for these cables from various eCommerce platforms like Amazon and many more. After acquiring the suitable Ethernet cable, you need to select the place through which to run the cable. 

Be it on walls or through the ceiling. Ensure the cables are safe and free of rodents and other things that can destroy them, like dampness. Professionally do the installation so your room can look clean and neat. 

6. Finalize The Set-up

Now every room or the specific room you choose has Ethernet cables with the internet. However, it would be best if you were sure that all the cables were functioning correctly. Connect all your devices to the Ethernet cables and turn on your router.

You should also turn off Wi-Fi on all your devices. It will prevent the devices from constantly searching for any available Wi-Fi internet connections. 

This will allow them to connect faster to the internet from the Ethernet cable. Plus, it will reduce the amount of EMF radiation in the room. 

If your primary reason for installing hard-wired connection were to do away with EMF radiation, you would also have to make several other changes.

The changes include things like not using an external mouse and keyboard because they also transmit EMF radiation.


I can assure you that installing that simple hard-wired internet connection in your office or home is shrewd. It’s because it will offer you a long-term internet solution. 

The hard-wired connection is also reliable, faster, and protects you from EMF radiation. However, the hard-wired internet connection is not only about the Ethernet cable. 

The modem also offers this connection. However, there is a way to protect your family from EMF radiation while using Wi-Fi. You can do this by using the Wi-Fi router guard. 

It’s so affordable and will save you and your family a lot. In this article, I have talked about the hard-wired internet intensively. I hope you have found all the helpful information you needed. 

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