The Most Unique Personal Computers Cases Ever

You may not know it, but the best unique pc cases are right at your fingertips. There is no need to go out and spend a lot of money on a new computer when you can find one for sale online that will fit your budget and also be as unique as you want it to be. Whether you’re looking for something simple or need something with more flair, we have what you’re looking for.

3 Best unique pc cases Comparison

Vetroo K2 M-ATX Mid-Tower Pc Gaming Case, Pre-Installed 200mm RGB Fan, High Airflow Round Computer Case, Water Cooler Ready, Black
Antec Torque Black/Red Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case/Winner of iF Design Award 2019
Segotep Phoenix ATX Black Mid Tower PC Gaming Computer Case USB 3.0 Type-C Ports / Graphics Card Vertical Mounting with Tempered Glass & RGB Front Panel (PC Case ONLY)
Vetroo K2 M-ATX Mid-Tower Pc Gaming Case, Pre-Installed 200mm RGB Fan, High Airflow Round Computer Case, Water Cooler Ready, Black
Antec Torque Black/Red Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case/Winner of iF Design Award 2019
Segotep Phoenix ATX Black Mid Tower PC Gaming Computer Case USB 3.0 Type-C Ports / Graphics Card Vertical Mounting with Tempered Glass & RGB Front Panel (PC Case ONLY)
Vetroo K2 M-ATX Mid-Tower Pc Gaming Case, Pre-Installed 200mm RGB Fan, High Airflow Round Computer Case, Water Cooler Ready, Black
Vetroo K2 M-ATX Mid-Tower Pc Gaming Case, Pre-Installed 200mm RGB Fan, High Airflow Round Computer Case, Water Cooler Ready, Black
Antec Torque Black/Red Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case/Winner of iF Design Award 2019
Antec Torque Black/Red Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case/Winner of iF Design Award 2019
Segotep Phoenix ATX Black Mid Tower PC Gaming Computer Case USB 3.0 Type-C Ports / Graphics Card Vertical Mounting with Tempered Glass & RGB Front Panel (PC Case ONLY)
Segotep Phoenix ATX Black Mid Tower PC Gaming Computer Case USB 3.0 Type-C Ports / Graphics Card Vertical Mounting with Tempered Glass & RGB Front Panel (PC Case ONLY)

10 Best  Unique Pc Cases Available In The Market


Vetroo K2 is a high-end gaming case, which features a unique round design with tempered glass and meshes front panel makes your case different from others. The front fan will be pre-installed on the side, and there are two 120mm fans at the rear for the exhaust. You can install up to 5pcs 200mm / 120mm fans and max 240mm water cooler, it can provide your case the best airflow and cooling, and give you great performance. 


– The case is aesthetically pleasing. 

– It’s easy to install components. 

– You can customize your PC with the RGB fan and LED switch button.


The Torque series is Antec’s most popular enclosure. It’s a mid-tower with an elegant design, excellent performance, and liquid cooling support. The Torque series has been updated to include USB 3.1 Type C and a new handle opening for easy carrying. The front panel is designed with dual 4mm tempered glass panels that bring the best of both worlds – show off your hardware and provide protection from dust and debris at the same time (one side can be removed). 


– Extremely durable and stylish

– Keep your components cool with liquid cooling support.

– Gives you the freedom to put all your components in one place.


This Segotep Phoenix ATX Mid Tower Case comes with a built-in addressable RGB LED Strip in the front panel to get a vivid lighting effect. It can be easily controlled by 5V 3 pin RGB header on the motherboard (5V 3 Pin addressable LED headers and VDG headers ONLY). The case has superior airflow and cooling performance, users can install up to three 120mm fans at the front. Besides, it provides two USB 3.0 Type-C ports for modern devices. The graphics card vertical mounting design allows users to securely mount the graphics card.


– No need to worry about deformation.

– Graphics card vertical installation. 

– Be the coolest person in your office with this case.


KEDIERS 570 ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case is a full black and red gaming case that gives you the best experience of building your own gaming PC. The computer case’s open design allows for better cooling performance, while the pre-installed 7 RGB dual light rings LED fans can improve air circulation and keep your computer running smoothly. With two tempered glass panels, you can see all components inside your computer case clearly and protect them from damage.


– Keep your computer cool and running smoothly. 

– Get an awesome gaming experience. 

– Show off your PC to all of your friends.


The SZSKING Gaming pc Case ATX Computer Game mid-tower case is a new generation of computer cases, which is designed for gamers, DIY users, and professionals. The excellent ATX Gaming case supports motherboard ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini ITX; Support 3.5’’ HDD, 2.5’’ SDD*2, to meet the requirements of large-capacity installations, Support Air or Water Cooling; Unique Design: Front Panel Transparent Tempered Glass, Full Size Tempered.


– The RGB system is bright and cool.

– It’s easy to install your components. 

– You’ll be able to show off your PC with the glass panels.


Thermaltake Core P Series PSUs are designed with the latest standards of power supply technology, offering the best connectivity and stability for your next PC build. The new Thermaltake PSUs feature a 5mm thick frame made of 100% high-quality Japanese electrolytic copper to improve overall efficiency and performance, including an 80 PLUS Bronze certification for its high power efficiency. The innovative single +12V rail design allows for more flexible connections to the rest of the system, reducing cable clutter and improving airflow inside the case.


– Build the PC of your dreams.

– Get a clean, sleek looking case.

– Let your creativity run free. 

– Show off to friends with your new rig.


Raidmax presents the new P8 Series ATX case for your gaming needs. The P805 is a mid-tower that comes with an ARGB triangle light bar on the front panel, which gives out a unique lighting effect. The tempered glass side panel provides a panoramic view of your build while also allowing you to show off your hardware inside. It has space for high-end graphics cards up to 420mm in length and a CPU cooler up to 170mm in width so you can build your dream gaming rig without worrying about compatibility issues.


– Tempered glass side panel for a clear view of your hardware.

– Magnetic dust filter to keep your system running smoothly.

– The P805 has an ARGB lighting system with a triangle bar. 


In Win, D-Frame is a signature chassis from In Win, which was first introduced at Computex 2015. The case has been created by the In Win R&D team and designed by In Win’s chief designer, Ho Chih-Kai. The design of this chassis features a unique open-frame concept that allows you to easily assemble your own personal computer system with the sturdy welded sections. This computer case can be used as a DIY project or for modding enthusiasts who want to create their own custom PC system. 


– Customizable computer chassis.

– Protects your components from dust and other particles.

– Stand out among the sea of black cases. 

– Enjoy the beauty of your custom design on display for all to see.


Tower 900 Black Edition is the latest PC case from Thermaltake, which can be used for high-end gaming system compatibility. It supports Mini ITX, Micro VAX, ATX, E-ATX motherboard and has a maximum of 6 expansion slots. The case offers 4x SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports on the top panel along with HD Audio Jacks. Tower 900 Black Edition also features an open frame 5mm thick tempered glass window with stunning viewing capability. The chassis utilizes a standard PS2 power supply unit (PSU), but it can be upgraded.


– Supports high-end gaming systems.

– Eliminates the issue of “GPU sag” .

– Vertical mounting for multi GPU configurations on an E ATX platform.


This product is a MUSETEX G05 series 6pcs 120mm ARGB fans and USB3.0 ATX Mid-Tower Chassis Gaming PC Case, 2 tempered glass full-view side panels. The internal space is wide and clear, it is equipped with two 4mm thick tempered glass windows that allow you to see the inner components of the case clearly. It is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who want to build their own gaming computer systems in this mid-tower chassis.


– Keep your system cool and running smoothly.

– Let your gaming rig stand out with vibrant lighting effects. 

Emotional benefits: 

– Gaming is more fun when you can see the inside of the case!

Types Of PC Cases

A PC case is an enclosure that contains the main components of a computer (e.g., motherboard, processor, power supply unit, hard drive) and provides the necessary mechanisms for cooling, as well as providing places to mount drives, connectors, and other peripherals.

There are different types of PC cases available on the market which have been designed for specific purposes or functions. They may have specific features depending on their form factor, construction material, or design.

Check out these different types of PC cases.

Mini-Tower – Also known as midi-tower cases are larger than miniature ones but smaller than full tower/desktop cases. It usually has at least five external bays for optical drives or hard disk drives with one or two 3.5-inch bays for hard disk drives or solid-state drives inside the computer case. Mini-tower cases are smaller than full towers, but they have more room for storage space and expansion slots which makes them ideal for users who want to maximize their system’s performance without having to resort to a full tower PC case or desktop PC case.

Desktop – One of the most common types of PC cases, desktop cases usually feature one 3.5-inch external bay but are limited to only four internal 3.5-inch bays due to their small size. Desktop cases are usually designed with multiple external 5.25-inch drive bays that can accommodate optical drives, fan controllers, card readers, and other devices. Although not as expandable as other types of PC cases, desktop PC cases are still very popular among home users because they are usually cheaper than larger cases.

Full Tower – Full tower or desktop PC cases are the largest type available on the market. They have about eight to ten external 3.5-inch bays for hard disk drives or solid-state drives and seven to nine internal 3.5-inch bays plus an additional four 5.25-inch external drive bays which makes them ideal for power users who need a lot of storage space and expansion slots. Because full tower PC cases do not fit under desks, they are usually only used in offices or rooms that have enough free space or in homes where floor space is not an issue.

Mini-ITX – Mini-ITX PC cases are usually used in compact computers with an emphasis on portability. They are designed for home theater systems, network appliances, and business applications that have basic computing needs. These PC cases usually have one 2.5-inch internal bay for hard drives or solid-state drives plus two external 3.5-inch bays for optical drives or hard disk drives which makes them more useful than nettops but not as expandable as typical desktop computer towers or more advanced mini PCs.

Nettop – Nettops are small form-factor PCs designed to provide the features of a full PC without the bulk of traditional computer towers. They are smaller, cheaper, and more energy-efficient than other types of desktop PCs due to their limited capabilities. Nettops are usually designed with one external 3.5-inch bay for hard disk drives or solid-state drives and two internal 2.5-inch bays for hard disk drives, although some models may have one internal 3.5-inch bay instead of the standard two internal 2.5-inch bays which means that they can only accommodate up to four total storage devices including both HDDs and SSDs.

Media Center – Media center PC cases are designed for HTPC systems (home theater personal computer) that have multimedia features like enhanced audio/video playback, recording capability, and access to content on the Internet or on LANs using wireless connectivity provided by WiFi cards installed inside these computer cases. They usually have one 3.5-inch external bay and two internal 2.5-inch bays for hard disk drives, although some of them may be equipped with four or even five total storage bays including three external 3.5-inch bays and two internal 2.5-inch ones instead which makes them more useful than nettops but not as expandable as typical desktop computer towers or more advanced mini-PCs like micro ATX cases. They are usually designed to look like traditional stereo components so that users can place them near their TVs without having to deal with the cluttered wires typically found in HTPC computers built inside standard desktop PC cases.

Micro ATX – Micro ATX PC cases are smaller versions of full tower/desktop computer cases that are designed to accommodate motherboards with form factors of micro ATX or FlexATX, a type of microATX. They have about seven internal 3.5-inch bays and two external 5.25-inch drive bays plus an additional one external 3.5-inch bay for optical drives which make them suitable for power users who want more storage space and expansion options but at the same time don’t need as many bays as full tower/desktop cases provide for bigger systems.

These are some of the different types of PC cases available on the market today, their prices vary depending on size, features, and materials used in their construction so do your research first to find out what kind you need. You should also keep in mind that a cheap computer case may not necessarily be the right choice as it may lack the features you need.

What Is A Good Way To Make A Custom Case?

Computer cases are available in all kinds of shapes, styles, and sizes. But if you want a custom case for your computer, what do you need to know about how to make one?

A custom PC case can be made out of almost anything, but it’s best to use metal because it is stronger than other materials. The only problem with working with metal is that it can be difficult to cut through. If you’re using metal, you’ll probably want to get an electric saw since the manual ones are less effective on this kind of material. You can also purchase prefabricated panels or entire chassis which fit together like puzzle pieces or interlock by using notches and grooves.

For ideas about the kind of design, your custom case can take, look at the cases already in production. Many companies sell bare chassis kits so you can build your own computer case by purchasing screws, panels, and other required components.

If you want to make your own top panel for your custom PC case, try using aluminum foil to make a template of the shapes you want to cut out of the metal. Cut into the metal with an electric saw or even tin snips if they are strong enough to not get bent up while cutting through hard material like steel. You can use files, sandpaper, and/or an angle grinder to smooth out edges if needed.

Once you have made all of your cuts, remove any burrs leftover from where the saw was used on the interior surface of the metal that will be touching the motherboard tray. This is important because nobody wants to have to deal with accidentally scratching their motherboard while installing components.

Once your case is completely put together, you can attach an LED light or cold cathode tube in order to see inside of it when it’s dark outside. You could also paint the interior surface in a bright color so any internal lighting reflects off of the walls and provides better illumination for all of your computer parts.

Variations on these methods are possible, but using them will usually result in having a very stylish custom PC case that looks good next to other computers if you ever need to transport or ship it somewhere else. Just follow this guide, get creative remember to take your time when working with metal and you’re sure to end up with a great homemade case.

Why You Should Get A New Case Now!

As many of you may be aware, the September/October issue of Linux Format magazine (issue #113) is out in stores, and with it, several articles we here at PC case manufacturers everywhere hope will convince you that your current computer is due for an upgrade!

PC cases, like cars and horses, become outdated very quickly. It’s not fair to keep them in service forever when companies such as Cooler Master offer upgrades designed to bring years worth of performance upgrades to your existing chassis. You wouldn’t stop using a car after just five years, would you? Of course not! It’ll probably have depreciated significantly by then anyhow. So why did you stop upgrading your PC case? Isn’t it time to get back into the game with a new case?

A lot of people think there’s no point in shelling out the cash for an entirely new case; they reason that since their PC still works, it means that their current chassis is just fine. What those people fail to realize is that their computer will perform much better if they just updated to one of our state-of-the-art cases. For example, the MasterCase series is designed specifically with overclocking in mind! And look at this incredibly stylish yet functional Parvum Series R2 you see here before you! It has its own built-in fan controller and can house up to 4 optical drives without breaking a sweat!

I know what I’d rather have: sexy good looks AND useful features!

From now until October 31st PC case manufacturers are offering incentives to upgrade your case. For example, Cooler Master is offering the brand new Maker 5 for 40% off with any purchase of a brand new CM690 II Advanced! What a deal!

We just want you to be happy with your computer and feel proud that you’re using one of the best chassis on the market. Isn’t it time you upgraded?

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Unique PC Cases

Unique pc cases are good for gaming PCs. But before you buy one, there are several factors you’d want to consider first.

  1. PC components compatibility with the case’s design. Cases have different designs based on what kind of components they can fit. It is important that your component uses the existing holes in the case which makes installation easier and will save time on assembling your rig since less customization may be necessary. Also, you do not want to limit yourself to buying certain types of hardware just because of the type of case it comes with or you have already bought a case that can only fit specific types of hardware which means more money spent on additional customizations while reducing choices when you go shopping for your next part.
  2. The price of the case. Unique PC cases can be really expensive especially when you are buying one online where customizations may take time due to shipment issues. So, if you are on a budget make sure to check out local computer stores in your area for better pricing options when it comes to unique pc cases which may also come with free installation services depending on what you intend to purchase.
  3. The brand of the case. When it comes to parts compatibility, it is important that the parts you buy are compatible with each other including the hardware and software since not all brands offer great compatibility so choose carefully or ask professionals before making further purchases.
  4. Whether or not the case offers fan mounts/holes allows for airflow. Unique pc cases are designed with several purposes in mind so it is important that you do not limit yourself with case designs available since some may be limited when it comes to the components that they can work with.
  5. Whether or not the case offers great peripheral port placement/support for external devices like USB, audio, and other connections. The unique PC case’s main purpose is improved cooling of your system which includes fan placements as well as ease of access ports for all components included in your build which makes it easier to connect cables to avoid clutter especially on liquid-cooled builds where liquid tubing passes through these ports. Since most liquid cooling pumps are powered by SATA connections it is best if you choose a liquid-cooled case that has a good placement for SATA ports for easy access to your liquid cooling pump.

4 Benefits Of Unique Pc Cases

A computer can be made faster when it has a unique pc case. There are many benefits to the unique pc cases. Many are cosmetic, some are related to performance, and others are related to function.

  1. They make your PC look good – Sometimes there is no substitute for a nice-looking rig under your desk. Some people go in for big elaborate designs that light up in the dark, while others prefer clean lines with contrasting colors or no lighting at all. You can even get custom-made designer cases that look good in professional workspaces where the PC isn’t easily seen by passersby.
  2. They will increase airflow – One critical piece of information that applies to almost all PC builders is that it’s important to have good airflow around the system. One of the best ways to do this is by getting a custom-designed case with ample ventilation to keep everything cool when the system is under heavy use or when overclocking. Some cases are designed so you can remove parts for better cooling, while others feature innovative designs that allow airflow even in tightly packed rigs.
  3. They let you mount storage drives in much more convenient positions – If aesthetics aren’t your highest priority, consider joining the large number of PC enthusiasts who like mounting hard drives and other types of storage in much more convenient positions outside the traditional tower design. There are many benefits to this arrangement, including better noise reduction since external drives don’t have to compete with as many other system components and the ability to quickly swap out drives without dealing with a mess of cables.
  4. They allow for more efficient cooling – Anyone who uses water cooling instead of air cooling is already familiar with the advantages of mounting the radiator and reservoir outside the traditional case design. Unique cases can offer even better options for this type of configuration, including pumps that mount directly on the case and tube routing that lets you place the tubing in much less congested areas than would be possible inside a standard tower design. 5) They make it easier to upgrade components – If you like upgrading your PC’s components but dislike having to disassemble everything just to access one or two parts, you’ll appreciate unique cases that make it easy to access specific components quickly. For example, changing video cards or adding new ones is much easier in cases that have quick-release mechanisms for the side panel.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the coolest PC case?

I’ve seen a lot of nice-looking cases, but the coolest case I ever saw was a custom, hand-made aluminum one. A customer designed it himself and had it built for him. I was just glancing at photos of it on his laptop while he showed me something else about his PC. It looked really professional and futuristic to me, with the different alloys that went into making this thing. You can’t find something like that in retail stores or online anywhere either.

How do you know if the case fits your PC?

To make sure the case fits your PC, take measurements of it (length, width, and height). Then find a list of dimensions for the PC. Compare the measurement with dimension to make sure it’s larger than what you need.

Some people think that the length is always larger than height or width, but that’s not true since some cases may be shorter than others depending on how they’re made. The most important dimensions are usually depth and width since these determine whether or not your accessories can fit inside the case.

Is an expensive PC case worth it?

An expensive PC case might be worth it because of the cool aesthetic. The vast majority of PC cases are designed the same, and the only difference is usually that it’s made out of metal or plastic–which can help dissipate heat (important for gamers). If you’re okay with an ugly computer box then there’s no need to buy a fancy one. In my opinion, it really comes down to what you want your PC case to look like in the end.


There are so many best unique pc cases out there that it may be hard to find the perfect one for your computer. Which of these do you like? We’ve listed our top favorites below, but let us know what other ones you enjoy in the comments!

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