How To Request Uber With Car Seat: The Step-By-Step Guide

Traveling with young children often comes with its own set of challenges, paramount among them being ensuring their safety during transit. While many parents are accustomed to the familiar routine of strapping their child into their own car with a carefully selected car seat, the same sense of security might feel elusive when hopping into a rideshare vehicle. Enter Uber’s solution for parents and guardians: the option to request vehicles equipped with car seats. This feature, designed with the modern family in mind, aims to bridge the gap between convenience and safety. Now, whether you’re headed to the airport, a playdate, or just around town, you can rest assured that your little one is not only safe but also traveling in compliance with local child safety laws. However, as with all services, there’s a method to the madness. In this guide, we will walk you through the ins and outs of requesting an Uber with a car seat, ensuring that every journey with your child is as smooth as possible. So, buckle up (pun intended), and let’s dive into the world of child-safe ridesharing!

How To Request Uber With Car Seat

In today’s fast-paced world, rideshare platforms like Uber have become indispensable for many urban dwellers. But when you have a young child, these conveniences can become slightly complicated due to the necessity for child safety measures. Fortunately, Uber has introduced a feature allowing passengers to request a car equipped with a car seat. If you’re a parent or guardian eager to use this service, here’s a detailed guide on how to do it.

  1. Launch the Uber App: Begin by launching the Uber app on your smartphone. Ensure you have the latest version of the app as this ensures you have access to all the latest features and functionalities Uber offers.
  2. Input your destination: In the space provided, type in your intended destination. This will prompt Uber to provide you with the range of available car options for your route.
  3. Select the right vehicle option: Now, amongst the various vehicle options provided, look for one that specifically mentions the availability of a car seat. This might be labeled as “UberX Car Seat” or a similar variant. By choosing this option, you’re indicating to Uber that you require a car that’s equipped with a child safety seat.
  4. Understand the additional charges: Opting for a car equipped with a child safety seat usually comes with an additional fee. This is to cover the costs associated with maintaining and ensuring the car seat’s safety standards. Before confirming your ride, you will be able to view this extra fee, so there are no surprises at the end of your trip.
  5. Wait for your ride: Once you’ve made your selection and confirmed your ride, all you need to do is wait for your Uber to arrive. It’s always a good idea to allocate a few extra minutes, especially if it’s your first time using the service. This will give you ample time to familiarize yourself with the car seat, ensure it’s secure, and safely strap in your child.
  6. Checking the car seat upon arrival: When your Uber arrives, take a moment to inspect the car seat. Ensure that it is properly anchored to the vehicle and that there are no visible signs of wear and tear. Your child’s safety is paramount, and while Uber ensures that their car seats adhere to safety standards, a quick check provides an added layer of assurance.
  7. Secure your child in the seat: Now, with the car seat inspected, proceed to safely secure your child in it. If you’re unfamiliar with the model of the car seat provided, don’t hesitate to ask your driver for assistance. Many Uber drivers who offer this service are trained and familiar with the installation and operation of the car seats they provide.
  8. Open lines of communication: If, for any reason, the car arrives without a car seat despite your request, communicate this with your driver. Sometimes errors occur, but it’s essential to ensure that your child’s safety is not compromised. In such cases, you might need to cancel the ride and make a fresh request.
  9. Concluding your ride: Once you’ve reached your destination, ensure that you safely unstrap your child from the car seat before exiting the vehicle. It’s also a good practice to rate your driver and provide feedback, especially regarding the car seat service. This feedback loop helps Uber maintain and improve the quality of its service.
  10. Know the specifics: Lastly, while this service is incredibly handy, remember that there are specific age and weight requirements for children using Uber’s car seats. Typically, these seats are designed for children aged at least 12 months, weighing between 22 and 48 pounds, and not taller than 52 inches. Always ensure your child meets these requirements before opting for the service.

The Implications Of Not Using A Car Seat On Uber

Uber, as a leading rideshare platform, is not just committed to providing convenient transport options but also emphasizes the safety of its passengers, especially the youngest ones. For parents and guardians traveling with children, the use of appropriate car seats is a critical aspect of ensuring this safety. But what happens when you don’t have a car seat while using Uber? Here’s a breakdown of the potential implications.

Driver’s Right to Refuse Service:

First and foremost, Uber drivers are independent contractors, which means they’re essentially using their personal vehicles to offer you a ride. Many drivers are well aware of local and state laws concerning child safety in vehicles. If you show up with a child who legally requires a car seat and you don’t have one, the driver has every right to refuse to service your ride request. Not only are they concerned about the child’s safety, but they’re also considering the legal implications they might face if caught driving a child without the required safety measures.

Legal Implications:

The rules about car seat usage in private vehicles extend to rideshare vehicles in many jurisdictions. If caught without an appropriate car seat, both the driver and the guardian or parent of the child could face penalties, fines, or even legal action, depending on the severity of the law’s breach.

Safety Concerns:

Beyond the legal aspect, not using a car seat puts your child at risk. Car seats are designed to protect children, whose bodies are significantly more vulnerable than adults, from injury in the event of an accident. Without a car seat, a minor collision could have serious implications for a young child.

Potential Financial Impacts:

If a driver begins the trip and later realizes the child is not in a legally required car seat, they might end the ride prematurely. Even if the trip is cut short, riders might still be charged for the portion of the trip taken or even the whole journey in some cases.

Solutions & Best Practices:

To avoid the complications of not having a car seat, always plan ahead. If you own a car seat, you can use it in Uber – simply install it yourself when the car arrives. Alternatively, as discussed, Uber does offer the option in certain cities to request a car that comes equipped with a child car seat (for an additional fee).

Why Can’t Minors Ride Uber?

The rise of rideshare platforms, like Uber, has transformed how we think about and access transportation. However, while it’s incredibly convenient for adults, there’s a clear line drawn when it comes to minors. According to Uber’s policy, riders must be at least 18 years old to have an Uber account and request rides. Here’s why this rule is in place:

  • Safety Concerns: First and foremost, the restriction is centered on safety. Minors, by virtue of their age, can be more vulnerable. An unaccompanied minor in a vehicle with a stranger has inherent risks. Even with background checks on drivers, Uber aims to minimize any potential for harm or inappropriate behavior, ensuring that both riders and drivers are protected.
  • Decision-making Ability: Mature judgment and the ability to make informed decisions are crucial when using a service like Uber. Younger individuals may not always have the experience or capability to handle unexpected situations, such as a ride taking an unfamiliar route, or what to do if there’s a disagreement with the driver.
  • Liability Issues: From a legal standpoint, allowing minors to ride alone can expose Uber to potential liabilities. In the case of emergencies or disputes, the company could be held responsible, especially if a minor is involved. By setting an age limit, Uber protects itself from potential legal complications.
  • Adherence to Account Holder Agreements: When an adult creates an Uber account, they agree to certain terms and conditions. These terms highlight that the service is meant for adults or minors accompanied by adults. Minors riding alone technically violate this agreement, complicating matters both for Uber and the account holder.
  • Driver Comfort: Many Uber drivers are not comfortable transporting unaccompanied minors, primarily because of the responsibility and risks involved. They might worry about ensuring the child’s safety or dealing with uncertain situations that could arise with a younger passenger.


In an age where convenience is often sought after, it’s heartening to see platforms like Uber also prioritizing the safety of its youngest passengers. By offering an option to request a car with a car seat, Uber acknowledges the varied needs of its user base, particularly parents and guardians who are constantly on the move. While the process of requesting might require a few additional steps, the peace of mind it provides is invaluable. Always remembering to adhere to safety guidelines and being informed about the service can make ridesharing a smooth and stress-free experience for both parent and child. In a world that’s constantly rushing, it’s essential to take a moment to ensure our children’s safety, even during the shortest of rides.


Q: Can I call an Uber for my kid?

A: No, according to Uber’s terms of service, riders must be at least 18 years of age to have an Uber account and request rides. If you request a ride for a minor, you must accompany them. Drivers have the right to refuse service to unaccompanied minors and report the situation to Uber.

Q: What is Comfort Uber?

A: Uber Comfort is an upgraded ride option that provides riders with newer, mid-size cars for added comfort. It ensures additional legroom compared to the typical UberX vehicle and allows riders to customize their preferences for the ride, like optimal temperature or a quiet atmosphere. Drivers who offer Uber Comfort have higher ratings and more experience compared to the average Uber driver, ensuring a more premium experience for the passenger. There’s typically an additional cost for Uber Comfort compared to standard UberX rides.

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