See How To Get Group Funds Without Breaking A Sweat

Roblox is a storefront and gaming platform. It is a place where people can play games made by different game developers. 

The platform stands out from a host of the others in the gaming industry. One of the reasons is because it offers a myriad of opportunities. These include creating games, forming groups (mini-communities) and making money

The groups are small communities of people with like minds. Players and friends can come together to form their groups. Additionally, the groups engage in battles, discussions, raising funds and so on. 

This post contains helpful information on Roblox, groups and getting group funds.

Let’s go deeper.

How To Get Group Funds

Groups can raise funds by creating and selling clothes on Roblox. These clothing are mainly custom made pants, shirts or other simple items of clothing. The Robux (which is the Roblox currency) earned belongs to the group that created the clothing.

Every group page has a store tab icon. The store tab, by default, shows the group’s recent items for sale. So, the custom made items get displayed in the store tab.

What Are The Requirements For Joining A Group?

To create a group, you would need to make a payment of 100 Robux. This payment is per group, and each payment is for a lifetime. There are no renewal payments required. 

Roblox allows a player to create or join up to a hundred different groups. That is, a hundred groups are the limited number of groups a player on Roblox can join.

How Do You Create A Group? 

If you have made your payment of a hundred Robux and you are in less than a hundred groups, then you’re good to go. It is a straightforward process. 

  • Login into your Roblox account 
  • Go to the left side of your screen and click on “groups.” 
  • On the left side of the page, click “create.” 
  • On the “create” page, fill out the information box. 
  • Go to the settings box and choose group entry accessibility. (to get maximum control-click on the manual approval option) 
  • Complete the process by clicking on the purchase button.

How Do You Join A Group? 

  • Click on the search bar on the top of your screen. 
  • Enter the name of the group or a keyword related to the group you wish to join. 
  • Search 
  • Go to the page of the group you wish to join and click the “join group” icon. 
  • Wait for the group’s creator to approve your request. You have to wait only if the group requires manual approval. 

Note, different creators may have different requirements before you get approved to join the group. 

Clothes On Roblox 

There are different ways to customize your avatars on Roblox. Every Roblox user has a variety of options to choose from. These options are found in the Roblox catalogue. 

The customization options expand further as players get the opportunity to create their customizing options. The players must express themselves while adhering to the Roblox community rules. The clothing usually made are:


T-Shirts are abundant in the catalogue. Their abundance is thanks to the fact that anyone can upload them. They are simple pictures that any player can upload and use as their avatar display. Although anyone can create a t-shirt, not anyone can sell it. 

Shirts and pants:

Unlike T-shirts, all players can only buy shirts and pants. They can’t create theirs. The only players who can create their shirts and pants are players with membership. These players can choose to sell or use the created shirts and pants for their personal use.

How To Create Group Clothing 

Many of the creation processes on Roblox are easy to achieve. Here is how to create group clothing in a few easy steps:

  • Go to the group’s store tab 
  • Click on the icon “manage/create group items.” 
  • Click on the item (shirts or pants) 
  • After selecting the item, select your image by clicking choose file. 
  • Then type your clothing’s name. 
  • Then upload. 

How To Configure Group Clothing

A group member would need a membership to put up items for sale. But any group member can edit if they have the “configure group items” permission. Here is how to configure a group item:

  • On the group’s page, go to the search bar. 
  • Choose the item you want to configure. 
  • On the top right corner of the items page, tap the three dots. 
  • Click on configure 

How Are Group Funds Managed? 

The money raised by any member of the group belongs to the group. The group owner manages how the group funds get handled. They can give “spend group funds” permission to specific group members to purchase items on the group’s behalf. 

The members with the “spend group funds” permission have access to the revenue section of the creator’s page.  This section allows you to see how much revenue has come into the group. And how much the group has spent.

How To Manage A Group 

Creating a group is one thing and managing it well is an entirely different thing. To manage the group, you need to go to the “groups” on the left side of the page. From there, you can manage and control the group. 

The main page:

As soon as you open the group page, you would see these things:

Shout: Clicking the shout icon takes you to new updates that have been posted. 

Description: This section is where you find details about the group. That is, “an about”. 

Games: This section shows the games created by members of the group or the group’s creator. 

Members: in this section, you can view members according to their ranks in the group. 

Social links: Every time a social link gets added, it appears here. 

Wall: This section is more like the group’s chatbox. Useful information gets shared on the wall. The sender can also choose to delete messages sent, but this can also happen if the user has permission. 

Group controls:

This group controls help you manage the group properly. It offers different options that allow you to handle and maximize the created group. The controls are at the top right of the group’s page. 

Configure group: This section is where you can change groups features and details. 

Make primary: In this section, you can make any group you created your primary group. 

Leave group: Click on leave group when you want to exit a group. Note that if you created a group and you leave, you seize being the group’s owner. That is, leaving a group you own means you have relinquished your rights to the group. 

Advertise groups: Roblox allows you to create and place ads for your groups. Click on “advertise group” to run an ad for your group. 

Report Abuse: To report any group parts, click the report abuse icon and fill out the form. 

The group’s Admin page:

 This page allows the group owner/Admin to manage the group’s members and the group. The group Admin’s page icon is in the control buttons on the group’s page. These are the options on the Admin’s page:

Information: The information section is where the group Admin can change the group’s description and image. 

Settings: Settings is where the group Admin can exercise control. They can set the group’s requirements here. The group admin can set it to manual or not manual. The group owner can also transfer ownership of the group to another member in this section. The member must have a premium membership to be able to receive the transfer of power. There is also the declaration of enemies option. 

Social links:  The selection tagged “social links” allows you to add social links to the group’s description 

Revenue: This section is where you can seamlessly track the group’s Robux. The amount of Robux coming in and going out on a daily, weekly or yearly basis. The feature for sending Robux to specific members has also been added. This option is called the payout option. It comes with an option to pay once or to make recurring payments. 

Members: This section is where you can control the membership of the group. You can browse and see the ranking of the group members. You can also change the ranking of the group members. 

There is the “kick user” feature. It allows you to remove members from the group. The member’s section is also where you can accept or decline requests to join your group. 

Roles: This section is where you can change ranks and assign roles to members of the group. 

Affiliates: This section is where you can declare affiliations. That is, you can declare and input your group’s enemies and allies in this section. 

Audit log: The Audit log helps you keep track of your group members activities and contributions to the group. 


The group funds raised by one person are for all, provided the person is a group member. Groups are mini-communities, and they share their wins, as well as their losses. 

This post is an overview of how to raise group funds and how the Roblox groups work. 

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