Shocking! See How To Find A Secret Group On Facebook

Most Facebook users are unaware of a particular feature on the platform known as the “secret group.” The Facebook secret groups are hidden from the news feed and Facebook search options.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg named these groups “meaningful groups” because they are free from cyberbullies, spammers, and online trolls.

The secret Facebook group highly endorses the privacy of its users. However, the activities and the URL of a Facebook secret group are not accessible by public members. 

Furthermore, the contents of Facebook’s hidden pages cannot be read by everyone; you must be a group member to see the group’s content.

Would you love to join a Facebook secret group? Then, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Request For An Invite From An Existing Member

Before joining a secret Facebook group, someone already on the group has to send you an invitation. 

You must request that they invite you to the secret group. However, for that invitation to be genuine, both of you must be Facebook friends.

Step 2: Check Your Notification For An Invitation

After requesting an invite, you’ve got to wait for the invitation. 

Keep an eye out for your Facebook notifications. Also, you can check your messaging inbox to see if they have any information about it.

Step 3: Read The Rules And Regulations Of The Group

You must read the guidelines of the secret group after receiving the invitation. 

You’ll find the rules pinned to their Facebook page of the secret group. In addition, you may also find the guidelines in the document attached to the invite. 

You should join the group only if you are comfortable with the group’s guidelines.

Step 4: Look Out For Posts From Group Members

Once you join the group, look out for posts that mention new members.

The administrators may want to confirm if you, as a new member, want to be a part of the group genuinely. Also, they may want to know if you’ve read and will follow the group guidelines.

Why Should You Join A Facebook Secret Group?

There are a lot of reasons for you to join a Facebook secret group.


Secret groups allow people to cultivate friendships that are only possible in the privacy of “real life” events. 

While social networking is fantastic for meeting new people, getting to know someone in depth demands some level of privacy. This privacy is exclusively provided through secret Facebook groups.


Facebook secret groups frequently turn into support groups if members started on a professional level. Group members share their knowledge and guidance with other members. As a result, members naturally develop empathy for one another. The group members also offer a shoulder to lean on and a sense of humor to assist other members in getting through the day.


The trust that develops over time might lead to collaboration or business referrals. A Facebook secret group allows members to collaborate on projects by publishing photos, documents, and well-organized conversations. Members have the opportunity to display their competence to one another. Hence, the trust established in these groups leads to increased productivity.

Higher Engagement:

One of the most significant benefits of joining a secret group on Facebook is the level of engagement you’ll get from it.

In a public Facebook group, people are less likely to interact with you or your brand. But in a secret Facebook group, users are free to share opinions and are more likely to ask questions and drop comments.

Brands Promotion:

Most brands want to reach as many people as possible, yet there are some benefits to keeping it cool and private. 

Companies can use secret groups to generate or create unique content specific to the brands.

Furthermore, if a confidential setting is created for the brands, members feel more comfortable expressing their ideas. In addition, group admins won’t have to worry about spammers or third-party companies invading their space.

Features Of A Facebook Secret Group

The secret group has certain features that can keep you stuck to Facebook for hours. 

Group Chat:

The group chat option is available to everyone in the secret group at the same time. So you can have a chat about different topics with members of the group without having to worry about sending back-and-forth emails to sort things out.

 However, you can’t use this group chat feature on a mobile device (browser or app) for now.

Creation of shared document:

One exciting thing about this feature is that the entire group can contribute to a single document and edit what other members have written.  This function is similar to Google Docs and may be used to edit promotional texts, press releases, and controversial topics, among other things.

Private photo sharing:

This feature allows group members to share photos that aren’t visible to anybody else on Facebook. 

For example, members of a Facebook secret political group team can discuss which photos to use in a forthcoming campaign.

They can make albums with the names of their future advertising campaigns and include many photographs for discussion in the comments or the Group chat. But, you can only tag the pictures with the names of the Group members.

Shared email address:

Facebook allows you to create a unique email address to email posts to the Secret Group page. In addition, you can email images, texts as well as documents. 

How Can A Coach Use A Facebook Secret Group?

Here are some of the ways by which small businesses and managers can take advantage of a Facebook secret group. 

As a manager:

Rather than use emails, you can create a Facebook secret group to keep in touch with your workers about hours, shift substitutions, and emergencies.

Everyone can check the updates on the Secret Groups. You don’t have to worry about media privacy, as these messages won’t show up on someone’s wall.

Personal development coach:

you may have clients looking to improve themselves in several ways but seeking confidentiality. With the Facebook secret group, you can equip people from different backgrounds with the tools they need to reach their goals.

Firstly, you’ll need to create a closed Facebook group. Then, you can share the Group’s URL with your clients. Also, they can ask to join the group by clicking the “Ask to Join the Group” icon, which is on the top right side of the page.

With this, you don’t need to be personal Facebook friends with potential clients. Once you’ve confirmed that everyone is a part of the closed group, then you can change the group settings to “Secret.”

Steps To Set Up A Facebook Secret Group

If you already have a personal Facebook account, follow these steps to create a Facebook secret group:

Step 1: Create a Page

Firstly, you have to go to the create page button on your Facebook account. This button is found at the upper right of the page header. Then select “Group.”

Step 2: Fill in the page credentials

After creating a page, you have to fill in some of the credentials on the page. You can as well as add some of the group’s members. You also have to explain why you created the group in the first place.

Step 3: Change the privacy settings

You must adjust the group’s privacy settings and make it a secret group. You can find the “secret group” icon under the “privacy’ dropdown options.

Step 4: Customize your group

You may customize the group by adding your profile photo and other information. Also, you may include group tags and location.

Step 5: Edit Group Settings

Click “More” under the cover photo, then “change group options.” In your group settings, you may choose your group type, manage membership approvals, post approvals, and define other group permissions from this page.

You may also create page links, which is helpful for brands who wish to link to their page.

However, if you’re unsure of what privacy level you’ve chosen for your group, go to the group’s page and search for the group name in the top left corner. It will indicate whether it is a public, closed, or secret group.

Step 6: Adjust your Group’s Privacy Settings

Go to the “edit group settings” form if your group isn’t set to secret and you’d like to change the settings. Next, scroll down to privacy and pick “update privacy settings” from the dropdown menu. Then select “secret.”

You only have 24 hours after changing your group settings to the secret to modify them back.  If your group has more than 5,000 members, it means you can no longer adjust your privacy settings. There’s no going back to closed or public settings. 


Facebook initially designed the Facebook secret group to allow users to have limited, private interactions with family and friends. In addition, they’re also ideal for small businesses, coaches, and personal development groups.

Facebook secret groups are what they say they are: Secret. Only group members have access to the group and its posts. Furthermore, only the group administrator can add or invite new members. 

In addition to the technical privacy benefits they offer, Facebook secret groups have notable personal and professional advantages over open and closed groups.

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