Check Out These Easy Tips On How To Advertise Discord Servers 

The tech advancement around the globe has been mind-blowing. Innovative services and products we never thought possible flood the market now and then. 

Imagine being able to hook up with friends for games and enjoy a similar experience wherever you are in the country. This experience is what Discord offers, alongside many other related services. 

As the global pandemic continues, the discord services have been a blessing for many. But then, as the number of people using discord servers increases, you can expect numerous questions to pop up. 

Top on the list of questions is how to grow their discord servers, get members and make the most from Discord. And if you’re looking for the right answers to similar questions, read this post from start to finish.  

How You Can Advertise Discord Servers With Ease 

There are many ways to advertise your discord server, but here are the most used methods:

Advertising servers:

The advertising servers let you advertise your server on their servers. There are many of them available currently. Here are a few: 

  • Ideal invite 
  • Gamehub advertise 
  • Open advertisements
  • Developer advertising 
  • Rocket advertising 
  • Global advertisers 
  • Self-promotion central
  • Universal advertising 
  • Discord growth portal 


Severlists are websites where you can find different servers and can add your server. They may require you to put up a description of your server before adding it to the list. Here are a few examples of Serverlists:

  • DiscordMe
  • Discord servers 
  • Discord hub
  • Discord listing 
  • Discord center
  • Discord SL
  • TopGG server

Bump bots:

When you use the bump bit command, they automatically advertise your server. It is an easy way to advertise your server to several people. Some Server Lists have bump bots on their websites. 

Understanding What Discord Is 

The discord platform is one of the most common ways gamers interact online. They have over 250 million users. It allows people to communicate over video calls, audio messages, or texts. 

Discord’s focus is undoubtedly on gaming. The overall activities at the organization seek to drive the point home. They once gave away PC games to paid subscribers before realizing it couldn’t compete with Steam. On the other hand, the discord features are available for use by any online community. 

How To Sign Up For Discord 

There are numerous ways to communicate while gaming online, even with the several restrictions on console and platform usage. A large part of Discord’s success stems from the fact that the platform is independent. 

You can link it to your Xbox account, and there are ways to connect your PlayStation to it. Discord does not limit itself to single platforms as Xbox and PlayStation do. Being untethered from a game console also strengthens Discord’s case for non-gaming applications such as communicating with friends, family, or classmates. 

Joining Discord is as simple as using the service in your browser or downloading the free app, which is available for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Then you can be a part of a server by joining. You can also be a part of a server by searching for one to Join, creating yours, or accepting an invitation to join. A server consists of channels through which server members can communicate via text, voice, or video options such as screen sharing. The video chat may provide access to Zoom Meetings.

Channels can be sorted by category when they are created. On the left rail, you’ll see servers and channels within those servers. On the right, you’ll see a list of server members. You can either send messages to friends or add them, search different servers. 

A single user can join up to 100 servers, and you can choose which servers send you notifications. You can even assign a different nickname to yourself for each server you join. You can also invite friends from one server to another, even if friends don’t have to share a server to communicate directly.

One discord server can have about five hundred thousand members. If over twenty-five thousand people are online at once, the server owner has to reach out to the discord support group for additional server space to avoid issues with the connection. A server’s maximum number of categories is 50, and its total number of channels is 500.

How To Use Discord 

Discord has both private and public servers available. You can use the service to communicate with friends, stream video games, and chat with other players. The app is free for iOS and Android users, but it is not yet available. There are no plans to add Nintendo Switch support.

Is Discord For Gamers Alone? 

Discord is also focusing more on non-gaming applications. The website promotes dance classes, book clubs, and digital conventions as well as communities. According to polls by the discord group, young people use Discord for many things that might seem impossible. They use it to study and even to watch Netflix. 

How To Promote Your Discord Server 

Here is a step to step guide to promoting your discord server:

Add Your Server to the Serverlist:

If you want to promote your Discord server, adding it to server listings is one of the best ways to let the internet know about it. 

The listings usually have links to different categories of servers and their descriptions. They can be an excellent way to make people know about your server. This is true for those seeking new servers to join.

When adding your server to server listings, make sure to include a description of your server. You can also add emoji, text fonts, and other effects to your description to make it more interesting. 

Your description should include your server’s goals, niche, and so on.

Organize and host events:

Events are a great way to increase your server’s popularity and cultivate a more active server, which will increase member count. 

Hosting events will increase your server’s popularity because server members may invite their friends to participate, resulting in a more active server and more members. 

You could host events in your server’s voice channels, such as a discussion, casual chat, or a music event in which members could request songs to listen to.

Hosting these types of events will aid in the development of a strong online community.

Advertise on servers that allow promotion:

Tons of servers that allow you to promote your server are available. Many of these servers allow you to submit your server description and invite links.

Are you searching for servers to advertise your server? Search the platform by typing in keywords in the search box on listing sites. Check out the sites listed above for sites to advertise on. When you find the servers you want to advertise on, add your link, and don’t forget to include a description! 

Make your description as detailed as possible; you want potential members to understand both the advantages of being part of your server and what content your server would offer. Do your best to portray your server well. Use the opportunity judiciously. 

However, do not spam your server or add multiple entries, as this may result in a temporary kick or even a ban. These servers allow you to advertise, so while you can do so, please respect the community by only advertising your server once or twice. If you do this too frequently, you will lose access to the server.

Utilize Your Channels:

Do you have a YouTube channel? What about a Facebook page? Do you have a Twitter account? Any of these social media channels with many followers are excellent places to promote your server. If the majority of the people who follow these channels are interested in the same domain as your server, you can use them to advertise on. 

You never know where you would find people who would show interest in your server. So, advertise even in places that seem unlikely. 

Social media:

You can also promote your server on social media, which will help bring in more subscribers. 

You should post on Facebook, Instagram (or create an Instagram story), Twitter, and other platforms. You could also invite people via Snapchat or TikTok if you’re a user of those platforms. In general, any social media platform where you are active could be a great source of new members for you.

That being said, you don’t want to spam your server link everywhere; instead, pick a couple of platforms and post a single link on each of them. You could try again after a few weeks in case anyone missed your first post or story. But don’t go overboard with the promotion; you don’t want to irritate anyone. 

You could also advertise on Reddit’s r/discordservers subreddit, which allows server promotion. 


Discord is an online gaming platform that offers more than what many other gaming platforms do. Gamers can interact with each other, send and receive messages

The discord platform tries to give people an almost similar experience they would get when gaming physically with friends

This post is an overview of discord servers, how to use them, and how to promote your discord server.

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