Avast Secure Browser vs. Chrome: Web Browsing Giants

A browser is an essential feature in any of your devices. You’ll be able to search and access information. 

There are many browser options available, but the two most popular recommendations are Chrome and Avast browsers. 

Today, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. Several other browsers offer pretty similar services to Chrome with unique features. 

Many think of Google Chrome as minimalistic when it comes to features. Specific browsers like the Avast Secure Browser are trying to change that. 

In this article, we are taking a look at Avast and Chrome browsers. From the comparisons, you’ll be able to tell which browser is suitable for your needs.  

Avast Secure Browser Vs. Chrome

1. History

Avast Secure Browser

The focus of the web browser is on the privacy and internet security of the users. It’s a product of Avast Company. 

During its release in 2016, the browser was called Avast Safe zone. Then it was part of the paid version of the popular Avast antivirus. 

The revamp and rebrand to Avast secure browser was done in early 2018. Before the revamp and rebrand, the Safe zones design was so similar to that of Opera mini.  

Today Avast offers the browser separately and free. The browser is available for android, macOS, Windows, and iOS. 

Google Chrome

It’s a product of Google Company. The development of the browser started in 2006. Its public release happened in 2008. In its first months of release, Google Chrome did not receive much liking. 

The browser struggled to gain popularity up until December the same year. The release of beta versions of google chrome for Linus OS and X amplified its popularity. 

It was the first stable release that could support all three platforms. It did grow to become the most prominent browsing web in the world. Google Chrome browser is available for windows, android, iOS, macOS, and Linux.

2. Interface 

Avast Secure Browser

When you launch the Avast browser, you’ll notice its look is similar to Chrome. It’s because both browsers use the chromium engine. 

I’m sure you are wondering what Chromium engine is. Chromium is an open-source browser. It aims at building a faster, safer, and more stable web experience for users. 

Generally, the site contains an architecture overview, design documents, and testing information. It also got additional information that guides you when building or working with chromium source code.  

Like other browsers, Avast’s secure browser homepage contains search bars and website shortcuts. 

You can add website shortcuts to the home tab. Basic customizations like switching color mode are also available from the home tab. 

Its toolbar has several icons that allow you to activate other browser features and even block ads.  The Avast secure browser interface is clean and very simple, making it easy to use by almost everyone. 

Google Chrome

Its interface is straightforward but so effective. Chrome’s main tab has the search bar plus a list of several website shortcuts. 

The great thing is the shortcuts are customizable. You can rearrange or add new shortcuts to fit your liking. 

The interface can also be customized. In that, you can set it to only show the most visited websites in place of shortcuts. You can also choose to hide the whole section. 

You can source background pictures from your PC. The web browser supports different backgrounds. It has several themes, and you can select a custom theme color. 

3. Features

Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser features are somewhat similar to those of Google Chrome. However, this browser’s primary focus is on the security and privacy of its users. Let’s explore the various features that have made the Avast browser rank high. 

Ad Block

This is the first inbuilt feature you’ll notice when you launch the browser. Its principal function is filtering content. 

It blocks unnecessary ads, and this allows pages to load faster. In addition, you’ll be able to browse without any distractions.

Enabling the ad blocker is straightforward, and this can be done from the toolbar. After allowing it, you will be able to see ads that were blocked on a specific page. You can also turn off ad blockers on particular websites or all. 

It also has advanced settings and is available in three presets: Essential, Balanced, and Strict. You have the freedom to select any according to your preferences. 

Each option blocks certain types of content and ads. However, the strict option offers the best available protection. But it may cause lag in certain websites. Put this into consideration before selecting it. 

You can add a particular website to the exclusion list. You’ll have the chance only to see ads that appear on this page. This can also be a possible solution for pages with trouble loading while the ad block feature is on. 

Anti-Fingerprints, Anti-phishing and Anti-tracking

The anti-phishing module checks and analyzes internet traffic for possible phishing attempts.  This is before the browser executes any malicious software. 

The anti-tracking and anti-fingerprints prevent the collection of users’ browsing history and data with these three features. Your login information and browsing history are undoubtedly safe. 

Bank Mode

This mode protects users against potential cases of network or host hijack. It also protects sensitive data from hackers. 

The great thing about this mode is that it automatically activates when the user accesses a payment mode or banking website. 

Password Manager

It also contains form auto filler. It also suggests other secure passwords that you used when accessing specific sites across the browser. 

This has been enabled by the Avast passwords add-ons plus apps synced to your Avast account.

Webcam Protection 

Ensure all malicious apps do not have access to your webcam. Overall, the Avast browser is a great browsing option. 

Like other browsers, it has several great features. Another unique thing about Avast is the extent to which it offers protection to its users. The ad blocker is also so practical when you compare it to some browsers. 

Google Chrome

Google chrome is powered by google. Currently, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. Google Chrome is quite minimalistic in features but is so efficient. 

You can access information from its versatile address bar. From the bar, you can do calculations, convert currency and check the weather. 

These features look entirely unnecessary and straightforward but are pretty valuable for some people. 

Despite being ranked as minimalistic in features, chrome browser has some great features that set it apart from other browsers. 

Most of its principles have been implemented into other web browsers. The regulations include: merging the search bar into the Omni bar or the Omni box. The Google Chrome browser is also very famous because of its renowned browser. 

Bookmarks and Synchronization

Chrome users can synchronize browsing history, settings, and bookmarks across various bookmarks. 

The information is always saved in the google account. Synchronization helps users to store data for future reference. 

User Tracking Concerns 

Google chrome is known to send details about its users to google. The tracking mechanism used to send the details can be both optional and non-optional. 

You can disable some of the tracking mechanisms from the installation interface and the browser’s option interface. 

Google Chrome has been criticized for its rush to provide users information typed into the Omni box before the user even hits return. 

Therefore the website includes sensitive information like web use information and URL suggestion tied to a particular IP address.  

The popular web browser has also been criticized for trading its user’s data for financial gains. The critics of the browser encourage people to switch to apple safari, Firefox, or brave. 

Most companies and advertisers are currently using cookies to track users tracking habits. In a bid to improve privacy and security, Chrome promised to work on replacing third-party cookies. Google chrome also promised to end cookies support and replace it with FLoC technology in 2022. 


Google chrome has put in place various security measures that help protect its user’s information.

It periodically checks the user’s information for any possible phishing or malware interference. In case of any visit to a harmful site, it automatically sends a warning. 

This service has been availed to others for free through a free public API referred to as Google Safe Browsing. 

Malware and ad blocking

In Chrome 17, scanning protection was introduced. In 2018 chrome introduced an ad-blocking feature. 

The feature was quite harsh to the advertising companies. Sites that showed invasive ads received a thirty-day warning. The ad would be blocked after this period. 


In the article, we have highlighted the strength and similarities of Avast and Google chrome. The Avast browser offers high protection and privacy while google is quite efficient and effective.

It’s upon the user to select the browser that best fits their needs. In addition, there are several other alternatives like Firefox and Edge that offer almost similar services to Chrome and Avast. 

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