Hello, My name is

Hello, My name is




I'm a New York based nerd-for-hire with passions for storytelling, education, and entertaining. As a web video creator, my work has reached millions. I have a firm belief that although the mediums may change, smiles never will. In my spare time, I watch too much television for my own good.








Maker Studios New York, New York

Senior Designer                                                2013­  Present

Rowan University

Masters in Public Relations                                  2007 2009

The Modern Day Pirates

Producer, Laughing Historically                        2011­  Present

Rowan University

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Graphic Design

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Illustration                       2003 2007­

Blip.tv New York, New York

Senior Designer                                                    2010­  2013

Rowan University Glassboro, New Jersey

Resident Director                                                  2007 2009

Condé Nast New York, New York

Web Marketing Assistant for Wired                                    2008

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Indie Across America

The Great S. Cape

For Blip's Geico-branded web series Indie Across America, I designed the logo and produced the motion graphics, including the Geico bumper, title sequence, and complete graphics package.

I developed the brand identity and motion graphics for a Blip Studios web series from executive producer Michael E. Uslan (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Batman).

Blip's New Fall Season Feature

To highlight new web series, I designed and built a feature page to be updated every day over the season. As the primary drive of the campaign was social, the page employed a fully responsive layout to resize at all screen-sizes. The design also used custom web fonts and a video background element. To help with daily updating, the page was driven by a custom CMS.

Blip Studios

The design and animation for the Blip Studios logo and bumpers had to be simple enough to stand on its own, but also blend into Blip’s variety of content genres and indie tone. Since it was to appear integrated into the shows’ title sequences, each version of the logo took on a different visual look to match, while keeping the same motion and final setup for consistency.


In video: Regular, Drama, Animation, Cars, Pets, Food, Music, Video games

Daily Grace

I worked with Grace Helbig to design t-shirt designs for her two million+ subscriber YouTube channel. The designs incorporated her various catch-phrases in a bold, yet fun style. Notably, the You've Been Hazed shirt has reach an iconic status in her fan-base. It has been used in countless pieces of fan-art, instagrams, and tumblr posts. ore Episodes

I write, produce, edit, and animate this comedy educational web series which uses a mix of animation and live action to tell some of the funniest or weirdest stories in History. We have achieved more than two million views, been featured on iTunes New & Noteworthy, and reached iTunes Top-10 Video Podcasts on multiple occasions. Watch More Episodes

Reel Science

I wrote and produced this animated educational comedy web series with the goal of using the movies that everyone loves to teach scientific principals. Watch " The Scientific Method of Oz"

The Show You're


I produced, shot, and edited The Show You're Watching, a weekly roundup of the world of online video from The Blip offices, featuring the Blip staff. Each 4-6 minute episode was a mix of comedic news and sketches to help feature series on the site and develop community both on the site and within the company itself.



After a popular first season on the site, Blip helped produce a second season of the web series Hipsterhood. I worked with the creator of the show to design a compete new brand identity, website, and full campaign including Instagram trailers, YouTube teasers, and ads for both on and off Blip.

Blip Presents...

To promote Kingford Charcoal new branded web series Revved Up, we wanted something more intriguing for viewers to share than a teaser, so we created a video infographic of NASCAR facts, which I produced, animated, and edited.

I worked with Blip’s development team and designed the UI for Blip’s set-top apps for Roku and Xbox 360, working within the guidelines of each OS while translating the design language from the site to a lean-back experience. For the Roku app, a fully customized design was realized to help viewers navigate the large library of content Blip offered, with search being a central focus of every state of the app.

Blip Apps

I collaborated with numerous web series creators and brands to design their brand identity  for the Blip destination site and beyond.

Blip Show Posters

Designed for  Blip employees to wear at Vidcon and giveaways

Blip Shirts

Laughing Historically