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Episode 04: How Animals Saved the World

In this episode, Brandon and Nevin discuss animals who have valiantly served their countries throughout history, drinking and smoking their way into legend. Its history, but funny. This week’s EXTRA… Top Secret CIA Spy Cats More episodes and extras at … Continue reading

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Episode 04 EXTRA: Top Secret CIA Spy Cats

In this extra from Episode 04, Brandon and Nevin discuss the top secret CIA experiments to turn cats into spies.

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Episode 03: How Benjamin Franklin Loved the Ladies

In this episode, Nevin and Brandon discuss the romantic exploits of Benjamin Franklin, inventor of bifocals, the american postal service, the Franklin stove, and the father of electricity and America. For more episodes and posts visit

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Episode 02: How America Was Founded On Drinking

In this episode, based on this post from Nevin, we discuss how drinking is at the backbone of American history.

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Episode 01: How Edgar Allan Poe Was Expelled

In the first episode of Laughing Historically, Nevin and Brandon explain how Edgar Allan Poe was discharged from the military and booted from West Point, landing his first book deal. For more check out:

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